Why Choose Vegan And Cruelty-Free Cosmetics?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

When you’re shopping at your local supermarket’s bath & beauty section, you'll probably pass by isle upon isle of colorful, vibrant products with very promising advertisements. And when a product catches your eye, you might pick it up and look at its features. But how often do you turn to the back and look at the ingredients? And even if you did, how much of it would you actually understand? All those chemical names can sound like a whole load of gibberish. So like most of us, the sad truth is that you might end up ignoring it.

What we don’t realize is that very often those harsh chemicals in the product need to be tested during development to see if they can actually be used on humans. So, many cosmetic companies do lab testing on animals; acute toxicity testing, corrosion testing, skin sensitization testing, and many more. During these experiments, small animals like mice, rats, guinea pigs, and others are made to inhale or ingest huge quantities of toxic chemicals, or have it put onto their eyes and skin. If you want to know more, you can read up on that here. Even though the debate around animal testing say there are pros, the undeniable con is that - those animals face tragic consequences for us to be able to enjoy the end product.

Sometimes, animal derived ingredients are themselves included in the product. Some examples are animal-derived gelatin, beeswax, etc. These ingredients that are directly from animals are considered exploitative and in some cases the animal’s health or life is sacrificed when harvesting the ingredient. You can read up more on that here, if you want to.

Bottom line, these are outright cruel practices that we want to break away from. That is why we at The CosKit Company make products that are Vegan (no animal-derived ingredients) and Cruelty-Free (no animal testing whatsoever). And not only that, cutting out animal-by-products & testing play a huge role in things like carbon footprint & climate change. So by being Vegan & Cruelty-Free, we are less harmful to the planet. You can make that difference today, by switching over to brands and companies that are conscious of their products and the animals. You won't have to feel guilty reading the ingredients labels of your products anymore. After all, self-care & beauty should never hurt – you or anyone else.


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