Why Buy Handmade?

A handmade product is like an endangered unicorn. Here’s why and how you can save it..

It’s no secret that consumerism has taken over the world by storm, a system designed to boost economic growth. A sad fact is that it does so whilst deflecting opportunity from those who make by hand. But, that’s not the only pitfall of consumerism - it also rests on the bedrock of our limited natural resources. In order to keep up with the increasing demand for products - bulk manufactures use cheaper materials, often extremely polluting. This not just increases emissions, deforestation, discarding products into landfills, but also speeds up climate change. This system leaves consumers with a mediocre product, manufactures with reasonable profit, and the environment suffers expense. While it also definitely has its benefits; revolutionizing the way we function as a society by redesigning some of our basic needs. But at what cost?

Over the last year one of the biggest hit has been taken by people in the Handicrafts sector. Did you know that is the second largest employment generator in India? Yep, It used to grow by nearly 20% each year and provides a livelihood for many, many people. But with decreasing demand, lack of market opportunities, exploitation by middlemen and especially now, during a pandemic; artisans and craftsmen struggle to make ends meet. If those odds aren't difficult enough already, the growing popularity of factory-made goods in India poses a threat.

So why buy handmade? Many reasons. Most handicrafts do not require extremely polluting factories or precious resources, so they’re good for the environment. When you buy them, they go towards supporting the local economy and empower local creators. They are made by real people, with real stories. Each handmade product is unique, quirky (and totally trendy). So whenever you have the opportunity, go-local!

Here at The CosKit Company we sell handmade personal care goods. We focus on bringing out unique products that are made with lots of care, by people who are passionate about their craft. We collaborate with local Indian soap-makers and cosmeticians to develop quality products and share them with the world. Our creators are currently based from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, but we hope to grow over time! Supporting the local community during these trying times is one of our goals, and your help means everything. When you buy handmade, it shows you care. So why wait? You have an endangered unicorn to save!


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